City Rock Entertainment Reveals The Secret Behind The Success Of Their New Song.

Posted: 2015-09-07T12:32:21Z

City rock Entertainment is one of the longest standing and consistent girl music group on the local music scene. The group has maintained a steady run and has achieved remarkable success since its birth 9 years ago.

City rock's latest track 'Bipapajo' has enjoyed

Rotational airplay on several broadcast outlets and has been streamed more than 8,072 times on Howwe Music.

In a new Facebook thread posted on the page under the names City rock Entertainment, the group spills the secret behind the success of the new Song.

"One friend asked to know what the Secret behind the Success of our track Bipapajo is. First it is humbling to know that our works are being noticed and appreciated, Bipapajo is enjoying rotational airplay on local Tv & Radio stations, It has been streamed massively on Online platforms....It's not by Miracle or juju power that a song is received with Open arms. The Secret is not a secret, as a music group we are fueled by a passion and support from our fans, we produce Music and leave the rest of the things to happen naturally in whatever way they like. We are however not taken aback by the

Recent Success because at the end of the day Victory follows a hardworking person, we always know thing will move in that direction. Thumbs up to all forces making this happen. "

City rock is also responsible for Songs like Kavunza, Teddy Tereza, Kayisanyo and Many others.

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