Upcoming Singer Stipper Man Claims He Is The Reason Eddy Kenzo Is Succesful

Posted: 2015-08-18T07:56:33Z

Struggling Musician Stipper man claims he helped Eddy Kenzo succeed but he has forgotten him and doesn’t credit him for his efforts. In Eddy Kenzo’s documentary which was shown at Hotel Africana during the Mbilo Mbilo Concert, the sitya loss music star applauded several people like DJ Jacob Omutuzze, Producer Crouch and his former SC Villa players, among other individuals who he said helped him become the star he has become today.

Singer Stipper has since become enraged after his name was not mentioned anywhere, an insider reveals, “Stipper man says he introduced Eddy Kenzo to the Music scene, they did a song together called Nfuba nkole in 2008 which he says was a very essential stepping stone towards his success. He argues that Kenzo should have extoled him for the advice and help he always offered.”

“Stipper man says he shouldn’t have even paid for a ticket because he thinks he is not like any ordinary person in Eddy Kenzo’s circle, he claims that the people enjoying the bread with Kenzo today are all riding on his platform. Stipper always narrates old stories of how he beat Eddy Kenzo in a singing competition at Sabrina pub” a source narrates

According to the insider, “After winning the competition, Stipper man was hosted on Wbs TV by Straka Mwezi who was the organizer of the show, Stipper and Kenzo had earlier agreed that they would appear together on TV but Straka denied Kenzo the chance because she only wanted winners, Kenzo has since been on bad terms with both Straka and Stipper man”

Here's is the song Stipper Man did with Eddy Kenzo

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