Ziza Bafana And Zanie Brown Reportedly Fighting Over Ownership Of Their "Friendly Match" Song

Posted: 2015-08-11T14:45:29Z

A source close to both singers tells Howwe.biz that the two are no longer talking to each other because they both want to independently decorate the song to their names.

"Ziza bafana says he owns the Song because he largely contributed to it's success and thinks it would not be a hit without his magic" the source says

"Zanie Brown however claims she composed the lyrics and deserves all the credit and nods that come with the success of the song", the Source adds.

Friendly Match has enjoyed moderate success since it's release 3 months ago. The song has been streamed over 52,273 times on Howwe Music and has also topped various charts on local stations thus waking a war of ownership.

Download: Ziza Bafana & Zanie Brown's - “Friendly Match” | MP3 Download

This drama comes at a time when Ziza Bafana is still coming to terms with the ugly incident that befell him recently when his much anticipated Concert was stopped by KCCA for failing to abide by the set regulations.

It is also reported that the Guluma N'asomye singer has changed Management, in move to fix the cracks that were starting to arise in his Career and Music business.

We will keep you in the Know as more details become available.

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