GNL Zamba offers condolences to Rapper Lumix’s Family Who Died Today.

Posted: 2015-07-13T16:54:49Z Read: 10,617 times

Luga flow King GNL Zamba has taken all his USA project activities on hold to send condolences to the family of his friend Lumix who died today morning.

Sharing his message to the fallen rapper, GNL said:

' He recorded my first demo for the songs yenze & Lukka on the Album koi koi at 3am after walking from ntinda centre with Easy teks to his house and we worked together on the HipHop canvass project.True Manhood song too, we Battled whenever we met, freestyled together. Lumix has been a true Pioneer of HipHop in Uganda.
The loss of another Ntinda soldier, LugaFlow General, Friend and Ol'G. I will miss you Lumix.'


At, RIP Lumix