Mafia 1 Releases a New Song Titled “NTOMBI” ... You will Love it ---Download Now

Posted: 2015-06-14T11:30:29Z

Most Ugandan artists have picked up the Nigerian afro-pop style of music and it's evident that their slangs have found their way into our steadily developing music industry. But Mafia 1 isn’t the type to do that…this talented upcoming artist has decided to go south and bring a new feel of the South African beats.

Better known for his songs, Tulimu Swagga, Tebaagaliza, and Mandela Freedom, which are already viral songs on South African radios. Many of the Ugandan based in South African believes he is the best in the diaspora.

Last week, Mafia 1 released yet another song called Ntombi, and we like… you should brace yourself for the best beats and sounds of this mega hit.

Listen to Ntombi here. LISTEN NOW

In an interview with, Mafia 1 says “Ntombi”, which is Zulu meaning ‘lady’, is believed to be one of his best songs he has put out there according to some section of the public.

“I am planning to premiere the video next week on Sunday,” he said.

Mafia, says his little imaginations about his song is to be nominated for SMA this season and he believes he will win.

Download Ntombi here. DOWNLOAD NOW

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