Download — Fantasies Galz Release A New Song "Don't Touch"

Posted: 2015-05-30T11:34:57Z

Fantasies Galz, the sexy, stylish and talented youthful Kampala Girl Group has finally released a follow-up to their current beloved hit, "Ngalabi" just before their audience could sit down to catch a breath.

Just like Ngalabi, their new single, "Don't' Touch", is a unique quality digital product that sounds like no other. Brought to you by the same creators of Ngalabi and produced by Kampala veteran producer, Ricko, Fantasies Galz has surely got the Ugandan music lovers dancing again.

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Ricko also known as "Purple Chord", boasts hits such as "Shy Gal" by Naira Ali ft. Ziza Bafana, "Okola Otya" by Naira Ali , "Ngalabi" and hundreds of hits that we are hearing today. In fact, there is a saying among musicians that goes, "Have you tried the purple chord!?".

"Don't touch, is the only song that I created with my heart, and not fingers, and if you listen carefully, you can feel all my heart's numerous mysteries in the back ground", says Producer Ricko.

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Fantasies shall at the same time next week be releasing two new music videos for their songs, "Baibe Baibe" and "Movement Invicta", a very heavily vocalized dance piece, a controversial song that has been accused of having a politically biased undertone but yet much loved still.  


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