Video Review: Tsunami -- Atlas Da African

Posted: 2015-04-07T15:00:24Z

Ever since Atlas dropped The Ahh Ahh Ahh music video, one could say he’s got this thing on radar and maybe it was too early to say he’s videos are that good, most of us, I know, said we needed more to grant him that honor, well with the help of Shasha Vybes, this video and the previous ‘New Day should be proof that the rapper puts a lot of time in the making just for your visual pleasure.

The first scene kicks off with an aerial view of the beach and there’s this babe landing at the dock, just before she takes her glasses off, guess that you see Sheila Gashumba at first sight---the hat and glasses could get you into thinking she’s Gashumba … but nah!. This ceases the moment she leaves the motor boat and if you missed spotting her take off the shades, as she walks the Sheila Gashumba look kicks back in only that this time the babe in the video has got more flesh and booty…no offense fans.

Here comes the Atlas Experience. On spotting the babe come closer to him, he takes his shades off and sends a romantic signal like ‘Damn you made it gal, come on in let me make you comfortable’ and that was the drill. We all know Atlas, he gang star right? As the lyric line “ when we met I had a bold head, she had cornrows super fly with apple bottom her boyfriend soft like a baby bottom ” went the video scene also had the fat a—s babe with the apple bottom walking up the steps with cameras zoomed on that a—s. Good angles and sense of direction.

The rest of the scenes have the babe swimming, taking a shower all that was to match the chorus and pretty much everything to do with Water and Tsunami -- the title of the track. In the most epic scenes, the two hang out on the beach holding hands as a sign of affection till dusk and after dawn there was breakfast already on table for her. This is what women of today love to see in a man---the cooking skills.

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