Hello Haters!! "Everywhere I Go" Video is playing On MTV BASE – Proud ZUENA Thinks That's the BIGGEST Achievement for Bebe Cool

Posted: 2015-02-06T13:55:13Z

Okay, I'll go right a head and be honest. Bebe Cool's new song "Everywhere I Go" is not that bad but we just think he can do better. But it's still not that bad. The problem is the hype it was given ... it was just unneccessarily too much and it obviously became a nightmare for the song.

Almost everybody thinks this wasn't the right song for Bebe. The family is however not happy you think so.

Today Zuena bravely took on public haters of Bebe Cool’s music with a mocking message on her instagram account:

Like I said earlier Bebe Cool’s Everywhere I Go video going everywhere…as haters are busy bad mouthing it, its busy breaking through the international scene…God is great. Everywhere I Go video has officially started playing on MTV BASE. Don’t forget to watch,” -- Zuena said.

Zuena has reportedly been fasting for Bebe Cool’s rejected video to atleast be played on one International TV, God just answered her prayers!!