Here Are 3 Things Common In All Irene Ntale’s Music Videos

Posted: 2015-01-30T12:24:21Z

I admit Irene Ntale’s really good at making records, I mean her music is awesome and she sings about what we fans exactly want to hear. Listening to her over and over again makes one want to watch her music videos. Well I don’t know about you or how observant youre, when watching her music videos. Here’s what you might have been missing out every time you watched her videos for reasons only you can answer.

Irene Ntale is Shy.

Yeah she’s ... and on set, she often looks down instead of looking in the camera ... even when she's supposed to, matter of fact she’s seen holding her dress or outfit like a nursery girl afraid of visitors ... and Ntale is seen dancing alone in most scenes.

Always Smiles

Cute as she’s, obliviously has a good smile accompanied with a smoky hot lazy look, that every man dies to see in his lover.

Good Looking Men

Irene never lets a mediocre in her video and of late, she uses masculine men full with six packs and attractive abs just for ladies watching pleasure.   

Above all she got talent though ... and that's about everything you need to become a successful musician