Zari Should have Been "Be My Date" Top Soccer Because She Got A Platinum Ticket – Enygma.

Posted: 2015-01-13T09:35:37Z

I Am Enygma the rapper who can actually blast anyone with zero consequences because like an FBI agent, he remains under cover. And we love him for that.—DON’T MESS WITH ENYGMA.

Enigma has released a new song titled “News At 20:14” and it is very interesting, News At 20:14 is actually a wrap-up of all the scandals and events that occurred last year, like a compilation of last year’s interesting facts in a well-produced song.

The most interesting part is when he said;

Zari should have been the top scorer of “Be my date” because she possessed a “platinum” ticket.

This song is the sh*t if you know what I mean, you can download and listen to "NEWS AT 20:14" below;

Play "News At 20:14" - Enygma(on Howwe Music)

News At 20:14 - Enygma
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The Song is available for free download on Howwe Music - Enygma's Wall