Here Are Uganda’s Finest Rappers Of All Time

Posted: 2014-12-04T02:37:14Z

Uganda’s Hip Hop has taken baby steps to be where it’s now and a lot has happened and a lot is yet to happen. The Genre got a lot of criticisms from the time it crawled into the Ugandan music industry around 2001. Hip hop in Uganda was only popular in High School , Karaoke and wanna be cliques in school, who wanted to be spotted as cool kids because cool kids seemed to always fit in. So if you wanted to tag along the bad guys, one was always forced to like Hip Hop.

 Rap then started to be more than just a hobbie , since most of the Hip Hop fans felt like making money out of it. In Uganda a roundabout 2002 Klear Kut   and Lyrical G came through and won a couple of PAM wards for the category HipHop Artist of the Year, then there were the Rocky Giants all the way till G.N.L Zamba changed the game when he came through with well articulated Luga flow, matter of fact he even made an average person fall in love with Hip Hop.

Baba Luku also came after Zamba. In 2010 the genre was loved by most of Ugandans and many new kids sprang up because the genre was actually making sense as rappers we getting paid for rap songs they recorded and performed at shows and concerts.

With No Offense to other radio stations Hot 100 fm played a big role in promoting Hip hop, that saw most of the rap game rise up.

Now what you have all been waiting for the list of the finest rappers and its based on the how long you have been in the game and how much influence you have got on the Ugandan population. Here we go

Klear Kut



G.N.L Zamba

The Mith

Lyrical G