Here’s Why Ugandan Music Is Now Professional

Posted: 2014-12-02T07:50:22Z

Back in the day one would say the industry is headed for the casket, why? Because of poor music videos, very few albums and no mix tapes for the Hip hop guys. Just like a child… artists learnt to invest in their music, taking baby steps doing singles after singles. There are some artists who actually released an album after almost a decade …that was so lame.

However, everything changed when good music videos came in, professional music production and way better marketing strategy along with well organized management. Today we got a couple of albums, mixtapes, musicians distributing music to their fans online thank God for technology and internet.

To crown it all to show that Ugandan music industry is almost there , most of our musicians have won international awards and have had their songs used as sound tracks in movies like hotel Rwanda, Escape from Luzira and many more. All that was like a dream come true for Uganda, but it finally came to pass and we got to head for the best that’s still hidden inside of us, we just need to reach for it. For God And My Country.