Video Review: If Its Not On Its Not Safe - GNL, Jazmine, Ray Signature, Jody Phibi & Big Trill

Posted: 2014-11-26T23:26:50Z

This is so far the first Edutainment rap video I have seen all year that you must recommend for your juvenile teenagers, who are so naughty and excited to explore sexual zones, trying and acting like what they see on tv… from movies, porn and pretty much any sex scene in a movie.

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The Video highlights the artists in the project it’s not on its not safe , Then there’s this guy who went on date and when he got back at his place , just as he was about to get his sexual groove on with his babe….busted she reminded him of using a condom before starting sex , so he jets out to get one…while at the shop, the guy pretends to be buying bread  because he was afraid of being seen buying a condom by another woman who was just buying her own stuff. At last he got home with condoms ready to engage and finally got lucky.

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Then there’s the bar scene that’s like the center of it all, like they say people generate ideas while drinking Maluwa . Ray Signature and GNL preached the same gospel of condomising condom use among the fellow drinkers. Big trill did The Same thing at a bar, but this time one on one with some dude.

Finally all project members  (GNL, Jazmine, Ray Signature, Jody Phibi & Big Trill )line up in t-shirts with the label  If It’s not On Its Not Safe.

I must say it’s a success  and a life changer project .