Baboon Forest, GNL Zamba and Big Trill Bounce back with a New Hit – No Dancing Slowly

Posted: 2014-11-25T02:48:14Z

GNL Zamba’s silence , tours and good times spent with his wife got fans worried  and probably thought  he lost his game as aluga flow  rapper , but it turns out your boy was having fun to clear his head off the busy days he spent in the studio working on the project ”No Dancing Slowly ”.

Download and Listen to No dancing slowly here

 The one and Only Ceaser (GNL Zamba) in the Baboon forest entertainment has a new song called No Dancing Slowly where he features Big Trill Nemesis and Theweezy . The song has an electric beat, that the today generation loves .  I must say Baboon forest just brought us the whole experience of future of music.