King Of New School rap song Now On iTunes

Posted: 2014-11-19T01:10:00Z

United we stand and the opposite is pretty much what you already know, the fall as a result of disunity. Well every artist at the end of the day is happy when the music sells like hot cake…especially when fans mean it when they say we are with you to the finish because you give us good music. Good music is something you don’t just like, rather something you bond with.

Download King Of New School

Rap music is one of the most rising genres today in the music industry and all rappers need our support , we the fans need to show them some love as a way of appreciating the long nights they spend just to give us good music. There are a couple of rappers who really will be happy if you bought their music online off iTunes.

Uganda’s Rising rapper coming out on the spotlight Ill Gee has his smash joint King on new school on iTunes . If you’re a huge fan of this new kid on the block with a promising talent, let’s join hands and support him and his music.