Rema topples Pallaso on the Hot 100. Today's top 10

Rema's new song 'Wandiisa Ki' toppled the King of the East's 'I Need Your Love' from the number one spot on the Hot 100 chart. See the top 10 songs of the day.

Rema topples Pallaso on the Hot 100. Today's top 10
Story by Businge Brian Franco \

Rema Namakula's latest release, 'Wandiisa Ki' puts an end to Pallaso's 4 day reign on the hot 100 chart to claim the No. 1 spot after debuting at 54.

King Saha’s “Zakayo” holds at No. 2, while the King of the East's “I Need Your Love” slides to No. 3 after losing the top spot.

Liam Voice's 'Olwanye' continues to be a fan favorite sliding by just 1 point at No. 4.

Mudra and Sheebah's 'Ayi' is up by 1 point to claim the no. 5 spot displacing Winnie Nwagi's 'Malaika' which drops to No. 6.

Vyroota continues to impress with 'Ndibulungi' which has been in the top 10 for over 5 weeks. Ndibulungi is up by 1 point at No. 7 displacing Alimpa Ronald's Seen Don (Lusuku Lwa Cement) which drops by 1 point to No. 8.

Suspekt Leizor's 'Banger' ft/ John Blaq sees the biggest loss dropping by 4 points from No. 5 to No. 9 while the usual suspect, Sheebah retains the 10th spot with 'Nabaleka', a song that saw a boost in popularity after she released the music video May 20th.

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