Video Review : Sugar Sugar by Aziz Azion

Posted: 2014-11-07T04:41:21Z

If your passionate and caning when it comes to love…then sugar sugar is a video to watch this month.

The video is full of happy moments in rather a cow bow kind of environment. It all starts with the two lover birds getting there game on, the moment Aziz saw his love come through he picked up the guitar to do what he’s blessed with, the vocals and the string instrument as a way of telling his love I got you babe.

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While on an adventure the lovers get cozy, flattering each other, keeping very small distance between their bodies, some caressing and a lot of body language. They did things together like feeding the Horse, a little hide and seek, chit chat and pretty much any crazy thing love can make you do.

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All I can say it’s a great video I enjoyed it and I hope you do too