Vinka: I Can Never Reach Out to Irene Ntale

Posted: 2021-12-08T18:29:34Z
Vinka: I Can Never Reach Out to Irene Ntale

Singers Vinka and Irene Ntale were once best of friends. 

She was Ntale’s booking agent under Swangz Avenue, but when Vinka decided to do music, their relationship cracked. Ntale left the label and there has been animosity between the two musicians.

According to Vinka, they did a song together before Ntale’s departure, but while they were doing the video, Ntale walked off the set without explanation, leaving Vinka in tears.

“I cried that day. There was a tension that day. I don’t know what caused it. I felt betrayed by my best friend. That day I waited for her explanation but it didn’t come through,” Vinka said in an interview.

She went on to say that she has never known why Ntale left Swangz or the set while they were shooting a music video for their song.

“I vowed not to ask her or get in touch because I feel like she is the one to revert and share with me what transpired between us,” she added.

Irene Ntale's career has not been the same ever since she left Swangz in 
late 2017 after several years of making magical moments and hit songs. Ntale lost her social media accounts to her former bosses and this frustrated her.