Chameleone starts countrywide registration of musicians

Posted: 2021-10-11T18:07:48Z
Chameleone starts countrywide registration of musicians

Musician Jose Chameleone formed an association, the Uganda Musicians Federation in June this year.

The main goal for the group is to advance the interests of its members.

He managed to recruit top musicians like Pallaso, Weasel, Feffe Buusi, and Kabako among others.

Under his guidance, the musician met Gen. Salim Saleh to seek a financial bailout but a few of them were given cash. The disgruntled musicians decided to lay low after failing to hit their target of increasing zeros on their bank accounts.

The Leone Island boss also went on a break for some time.

The latest is that he is now doing countrywide activations to register musicians interested in joining the association.

Over the weekend, he was in Western Uganda where he was welcomed by a horde of fans in Mbarara.

The musicians from different regions will be hand-picked by a team of local music experts.