Bruno K Lash Out at Cindy

Posted: 2021-10-03T18:15:32Z
Bruno K Lash Out at Cindy

Bruno K has criticized Cindy Sanyu for refusing to help him out as he battles Black Market Records (BMR).

Bruno K is currently fighting with BMR for allegedly seizing his YouTube channel and denying him the loyalties he is entitled to.

Bruno K continues to say he left the label, but BMR asserts his contract is still running.

Commenting on the standoff, Cindy recently said Bruno K probably blindly signed the contract.

She urged musicians to be very keen when appending signatures on legal documents.

In an interview, Bruno K noted that Cindy’s statements were baseless, and he expected better from the Uganda Musician' Association (UMA) president.

“Does Cindy think I am stupid? I am learned. I am sure she made the statements without reading the contract. She must do better as a president of the musicians. I’m glad that other leaders of the association have helped me. Cindy hasn’t,” Furious Bruno K explained.

Other musicians who have left BMR include; Nina Roz, Rabadaba among others.