Naira Ali Denies Beefing Spice Diana

Posted: 2021-08-04T18:36:14Z
Naira Ali Denies Beefing Spice Diana

Singer Naira Ali has recently been in the news due to various reasons. Foremost, in her stinging post, she wrote about artists who pay djs to sabotage their fellow artists.

The post was translated by a section of fans as an attack at Spice Diana and Sheebah. Naira is said to have had a beef with the aforementioned artists.

In a new interview, Naira Ali denied having any bad blood with Spice Diana and Sheebah, but she doesn’t rule out directing the post at them.

“I won’t mention names now, but what you should know, those artists already know themselves. They will sort themselves,” she said.

Naira threatened to expose the names if they continue coming her way.