Naira Ali Spits Venom At Eddy Sendi 

Posted: 2021-08-01T18:36:22Z
Naira Ali Spits Venom At Eddy Sendi 

Music critic Eddy Sendi asserted that Naira Ali's music is boring and she has no genuine fans in the Ugandan music industry.

He disclosed this during the Talk and Talk show on Saturday last week. 

Furious Naira Ali came out guns blazing, calling Eddy Sendi an old worn-out old man, who is bitter about everything in this world.

She added that he has resorted to abuses and bitterness instead of offering knowledge, advice, and guidance to the people in the Industry.

"Mr. Sendi, it's unfortunate that people like you who should offer advice resort to venomous and bitter insults. With due respect, there is a difference between opinions and abuses," she partly wrote.

The musician also said she is open to criticism but not insults from Ssendi.