Chameleone’s  Association Is For  beggars

Posted: 2021-07-21T19:25:30Z
Chameleone’s  Association Is For  beggars

Legendary musician Chameleone started the Uganda Musicians' Federation commonly known as Superstars Association and was elected President just over a month ago. 

Since its formation, it has been under so much criticism by fellow musicians that belong to Uganda Musicians' Association (UMA) headed by Cindy Sanyu.

Among the people that have decided to throw Jose Chameleone’s efforts under the bus is UMA's former President, Ykee Benda. 

The superstar association is an umbrella for begging money, according to Ykee Benda.
The Mpaka boss through his Twitter platform expressed his dissatisfaction and disappointment with Chameleone's group for allegedly receiving money from the state a few days ago.

He twitted, "People are going for Space tourism…”SuperStars” are begging for money 🤦‍♂️".

Ykee Benda’s comments come at a time when Chameleone’s photo receiving a package from Gen. Salim Saleh is making rounds on social media.