Fresh Kid is better than Big Eye - Former lover Don Zella 

Posted: 2021-07-04T19:25:35Z
Fresh Kid is better than Big Eye - Former lover Don Zella 

Socialite Don Zella and musician Big Eye dated for a year before they parted ways.

The former lover birds share a child unfortunately, the twins passed on years ago.

Their relationship ended in tears and since then, they often exchange words on social media, leaving the social in-laws wondering whether they still miss each other.
Their posts are always characterized by clashes and accusations, insults and many more negative words.

A few days ago, Big Eye revealed that ex-lover Don Zella made attempts to kill him 7 years ago.

In response, Don Zella branded Big Eye as a faded artist before hinting on how Fresh Kid is better than him on top of having more hit songs. 

“Big Eye, you are a faded artiste, even Fresh Kid has more hits that you. Even if you took a chimpanzee to the moon,  you would never make a hit. You sunk so low. Go visit a witch doctor because that is all you’re good at,” Don Zella posted. 

Well, this looks to be another round of a war between these two. We shall keep you posted.