Bebe Cool Declines To Join Chameleone's Association 

Posted: 2021-07-02T17:23:48Z
Bebe Cool Declines To Join Chameleone's Association 

Early this week Chameleone together with Pallaso and other struggling musicians formed a new music group known as the Superstars association which is allegedly looking at getting money from the government.

Chameleone explained that the organization is meant to push the interests of artists since the industry has been suspended for two years. 

Gagamel boss Bebe Cool remains skeptical about joining the association. He believes it has no clear objectives so far. He is not ready to join every association that comes up.

Sources say Bebe Cool asked Chameleone to prove his motives and when he is convinced, he will consider joining him.

He still recognizes the Uganda Musician' Association (UMA) headed by musician Cindy Sanyu.

"Bebe Cool still believes that UMA can solve the problems of the music industry. Chameleone needs to prove his motives. He hasn't met him physically but for now, he can not join," a source tipped this website.

Chameleone insists that his goal is not to fight other music bodies but rather to unite them towards a common objective.

He has asked UMA members headed by Cindy to join him.

UMA is the legally recognized association that heads all musicians in Uganda.