Kenzo Kick-started My Career - Gravity Omutujju

Posted: 2021-06-22T16:50:36Z
Kenzo Kick-started My Career - Gravity Omutujju

They say everyone needs someone to give them a push in life.

Musician Gravity Omutujju will forever be grateful to BET winner, Eddy Kenzo, for helping him to discover what he was capable of.

He believes without Kenzo, he couldn't be among the celebrated musicians in Uganda.

Gravity Omutujju, who was speaking to local media, said Kenzo injected a lot of money into his music career. At Big Talent, Kenzo helped him to produce and promote music. "Eddy Kenzo helped me so much when I was in Big Talent. He partly discovered my talent and he remained helpful. I released "Walube Nzaaya", "Malagajja" and many others while I was under his label. I will forever be indebted," he partly said.

In 2017, he proved critics wrong when he filled Cricket Oval, Lugogo. When he announced he was holding a concert at the venue, many made jokes about it.

The cricket oval is reserved for a selected few local ‘heavyweights’ and popular international acts that can pull crowds big enough to fill the vast space.

But he made a statement that he was capable of packing the stadium to capacity.