I am to Blame for Ruining My Career-  Bafana  

Posted: 2021-06-20T18:13:21Z
I am to Blame for Ruining My Career-  Bafana  

Faded musician Ziza Bafana confirmed he is the reason his career took a wrong turn.

He said managers don't stay long with him because he demands much.

In an interview with a local Radio station, he explained that different managers have parted ways with him because he has always wanted to be at the front of everything in his career.

He said in most cases, he wants expensive studios and directors yet most of the music managers are allergic to such.

"I am the one to blame for all that has happened to me before. I have had different managers leave because of the many demands I have. This has come to bite me hard," he partly said.
Ziza Bafana started his professional music career in 2011. He proved to be a master of his unique dancehall music style. He dominated the music charts for a long time until he got hooked to drugs.