Tip Swizy Left Big Talent Prematurely

Posted: 2021-05-26T18:21:28Z
Tip Swizy Left Big Talent Prematurely

Former Big Talent artist, Tip Swizzy was tipped to become one of the best dancing musicians under the guidance of Eddy Kenzo.  

Tip Swizzy, however, left Kenzo’s Big Talent to start his solo journey but things have not been going well for him.  Assessing his journey in a recent interview, Kenzo noted that he left Big Talent prematurely before growing fully.  

“Tip Swizzy should serve as an example to many young people. Never walk away from the people who raised you before you can stand on your own. You don’t have to rush,” Kenzo said.  

 "I was moving with him everywhere, outside Uganda. I made sure I exposed him, but I guess he felt what I was doing wasn’t enough,” he further explained. 

Kenzo believes the dancer would be far better musically had he stayed in Big Talent.