Cindy tells musicians not to engage in protests

Posted: 2021-03-30T20:36:37Z Read: 664 times
Cindy tells musicians not to engage in protests

Several musicians especially those lining to the opposition like Dr. Hilderman and Mathias Walukagga have vowed to protest against the continued closure of entertainment venues.

The peaceful protests are expected to take place in the city center on Tuesday morning next week. 

These musicians accuse the government of keeping them behind closed doors yet other sectors are open and functioning perfectly well. 

Uganda Musicians' association (UMA) interim President, Cindy Sanyu has advised them not to engage in riots because the association is negotiating with the government to find a neutral position. 

It should be noted that recently, the government through the Ministry of Tourism promised UMA money amounting to Ugx 400M to cater for the composition of a MAMA theme song.