Cindy Hits Back at Sheebah 

Posted: 2021-03-29T20:27:42Z
Cindy Hits Back at Sheebah 

While speaking to the press, Sheebah confirmed she doesn't know Uganda Musician’s Association(UMA) and she has never been invited to join.

This forced the acting President of UMA, Cindy Sanyu, to respond by saying that Sheebah doesn’t recognize the organization because she thinks she is bigger than most musicians that subscribe to it but joining is voluntary.

“We don’t force people to join. That’s why Sheebah is not in it, but we encourage every artiste in Uganda to join the association,” Cindy told the press.

Cindy also ruled out the idea that she cannot work in harmony with Sheebah. The singer said she is a leader for all.

Cindy has demonstrated she can comfortably work with people she has previously clashed with. She works with Phina Masanyalaze yet at some point, they fought over a man, Ken Muyisa, who dated both musicians.