GNL isn't Impressed by Today's Rappers

Posted: 2021-03-07T20:12:08Z
GNL isn't Impressed by Today's Rappers

Musician GNL Zamba is one of the legendary rappers in Uganda and the East African community. He introduced the Luga flow genre to the Ugandan community.

The rapper isn't impressed with the upcoming musicians and the young talents in the 
rap section. 

He says many have killed the definition of hip-hop, their lyrics never rhyme with the beats and lack meaning.

"Apart from a few, I think the rappers we have now in Uganda are killing the meaning of Hip hop, even noisemakers now claim they are doing rap music," he said in an interview with local television.

GNL has always praised Fefe Bussi, Navio, Recho Rey against fellow singers like Gravity Omutujju and Victor Kamenyo.