Bobi Wine fans vow to boycott Sheebah's Music 

Posted: 2020-11-19T20:54:05Z Read: 3,827 times
Bobi Wine fans vow to boycott Sheebah's Music 

On Wednesday, singer turned politician Bobi Wine was arrested and this sparked off  protests in and around Kampala city.

A number of celebrities took to their social media platforms to condemn the act and demand for his immediate release using the hashtag #FreeBobiWine.

However, Sheebah Karungi didn't take part. She instead posted a photo captioned “hustling for what I want”. This photo caused uproar among Bobi Wine fans who felt the songstress disrespected and downplayed their efforts of demanding for the release of their leader. 

“That statement will come back to haunt you one day. The people you neglect right now are the ones that come to your shows. We shall actually boycott you,” one of her followers, Salmah Kitaka stated. 

Sheebah is not moved by the rants. She is yet to comment on the situation ongoing in the country.