Sheebah to Employ 500 Girls in Her Businesses

Posted: 2020-11-16T19:36:34Z Read: 1,843 times
Sheebah to Employ 500 Girls in Her Businesses

Musician Sheebah Karungi is expected to employ over 500 girls from different regions of Uganda.

The singer,who worked so hard to be on top  is an inspiration to many girls across the country.

In order to empower them, she will be giving them opportunities in her personal businesses. She believes every girl child deserves an opportunity to succeed.

Sheebah, who launched an events company and a bar over the weekend said she is excited to work with young women.

"You have all seen me move to the top. I am a true definition of from grass to grace. As a woman, I am looking at empowering girls from ghettos of Uganda by giving them employment opportunities," she said in a local television interview.

Sheebah also owns a company that manufacturers sanitary pads.