Bebe  Cool’s NRM Song is Trash – Eddy Sendi

Posted: 2020-11-08T20:36:33Z Read: 1,445 times
Bebe  Cool’s NRM Song is Trash – Eddy Sendi

Media critic Eddy Sendi continues to downplay Bebe Cool’s music. He said the NRM song he  released recently is of poor quality. 

He claims Bebe Cool is just a man with a dark heart, he is always envious of other people’s growth and he is afraid of Ronald Mayinja’s success in NRM.

He said NRM party has a lot of musicians but Mayinja is the best. 

His composition and lyrical maturity brought out the real picture of NRM party interms of achievements.

Sendi, who was sharing his views during a radio interview added  that Bebe Cool is not an NRM candre as he claims. He is in NRM for personal gains and contributes nothing to the party unlike other candres who contribute money for party development.

“I support NRM for  choosing Mayinja’s song. It's content is appealing and outlines NRM achievements, he did a good job.  Bebe Cool’s song is trash and many musicians are in the NRM for money,” he said.

Eddy Sendi has for years been at the frontline of criticizing Ugandan music.