Bobi Wine Endorses Tuff B's Song

Posted: 2020-11-08T20:23:57Z Read: 1,656 times
Bobi Wine Endorses Tuff B's Song

TV presenter Tuff B has released a new song dubbed 'Rise Up' in which he sings about the injustices of the current regime.

Tuff B, who was once a supporter of Bebe Cool and part of the Gagamel Army has over the years shown he is not with him anymore. He now supports Bobi Wine openly and all his causes under People Power.

It's not a surprise that Bobi Wine endorsed his new song by sharing it for his audience on social media.

 Bobi Wine wrote, “Big up my brother #TuffB. When we rise up we must indeed stand for the truth.

Our loud voices must be used to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Let us encourage every one to speak through their vote. Let us all come out and vote. We can change so much through voting, guarding our vote and defending our vote!