Drecali's Music Is Therapy - Buka Chimney

Posted: 2020-11-06T23:24:32Z Read: 2,173 times
Drecali's Music Is Therapy - Buka Chimney

Upcoming singer Buka Chimney has applauded fellow singer Drecali, calling him the best musician of his generation.

He described his music as therapy that soothes the soul.

He tweeted,"Appreciation tweet, Drecali your music is a therapy bro favourite artist of my generation." 

Buka Chimney's comments come days after Mpaka Records boss, Ykee Benda claimed Drecali is better than King Michael in the dancehall music.

Drecali has so far released songs such as "Ebisoka n Ebisebayo", " Onanagiza" among others.