I introduced Cindy to Dancehall Music - Mike Wine

Posted: 2020-10-14T20:25:42Z Read: 1,275 times
I introduced Cindy to Dancehall Music - Mike Wine

Struggling musician Mike Wine claims he  introduced the King herself, Cindy to dancehall music.

He explains that Cindy was doing other music genres until 2016 when he featured her on his song titled 'Number one'. The song which has since garnered 3.1k views was released 4 years ago.

Mike Wine says he is very happy that Cindy continues to shine and be on top of the Ugandan music industry.

"I introduced Cindy to dancehall music and she is still on top of her game. Everyone I worked with is a star. Kenzo is doing well and Cindy is an excellent musician," he said in an interview with a local television.

In 2009, Mike Wine featured Eddy Kenzo on "Yanimba" song which introduced Kenzo to the Ugandan music scene.