Uganda Yaffe Online Festival: Celebrating Unity in Diversity Kampala, New York, Washington DC, London, Los Angeles Hosted by Nsimbi

Posted: 2020-10-06T14:46:36Z Read: 1,270 times
Uganda Yaffe Online Festival: Celebrating Unity in Diversity Kampala, New York, Washington DC, London, Los Angeles Hosted by Nsimbi

Facebook and YouTube, October 8th, 2020 – Baboon Forest Entertainment in partnership with Nsimbi launches the 1st edition of the Uganda Yaffe Festival – online! The festival celebrating Uganda’s Independence Day will premier online because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and its 1st edition will be a 90-minute free online show celebrating the cultures and people of Uganda.

The festival set to feature some of Uganda’s most prominent and celebrated world artists and personalities, will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube on Oct 8th, starting at 9:30pm.  The event will include performances from: GNL Zamba, as well as his duo Nsimbi with Miriam Tamar, from their residence in the USA. They’ll be joined by Ugandans from around the world, including  Isaiah Katumwa (New York), Suzan Kerunen (Uganda), Kinobe (Washington DC), Nylah Abitimo-Jones (UK)  and many  others  who will perform and share  their stories of patriotism at home and abroad.

The show will feature a youth project presentation  of the famous ‘Uganda Yaffe’ tune that became a social phenomenon, newly remixed by Baru and GNL to  feature new  generation  artists like Fresh Kid, Tuarus, Prolific, Maxi, Joyie 7 star and Kadabrah. The Uganda Yaffe remix will officially release audio on Friday 2nd October, 2020, kicking off the festivities.

The Uganda Yaffe Festival and remix are an Independence Day gift from Baboon Forest Entertainment to highlight Uganda’s rich culture and diversity while bringing people together to celebrate what makes Uganda so unique. The Festival invites everyone; elders and youth, those at home and abroad, to gather once again like the ancestors did, this time around an online fireplace, to connect, share wisdom and celebrate with music.

Baboon Forest Entertainment has been known for its memorable concerts and people centered social experiences that promote connection and growth especially among the youth. Evolving over the years, the mission stays the same- deliver impactful and exciting entertainment that bridges the gaps between generations. Even in these complicated times, nothing can stop the music!

“We want to make Uganda Yaffe an inclusive annual Festival  where Ugandans from all over can come together safely to enjoy a well curated lineup of Ugandan creatives from home and abroad share our stories, music, and culture for the whole world to see and for the youth to emulate”, .”  MUJJE GUBUMBUJJE / UG YAFFE