My Music is Not For Ugandans—Kato Lubwama

Posted: 2020-09-30T20:43:07Z
My Music is Not For Ugandans—Kato Lubwama

Kato Lubwama is mostly known as a comedian and Member of Parliament, but he also has music to his name.

His music is, however never seen on TV or played on big radios. Nonetheless, he considers himself as one of the greatest musicians in the land.

In an interview with a local station, he explained why his music is not known by many people.

According to him, his style is not for Ugandans. His music is apparently too classy for Ugandans to understand.

 “I don’t make music for Ugandans. Mine is international,” he claimed.

He says he is contented with his success as an artiste.