I Didn’t Earn From Music — Master Parrot 

Posted: 2020-09-24T21:00:18Z Read: 1,322 times
I Didn’t Earn From Music — Master Parrot 

After many years in the music industry, faded musician Master Parrot has nothing to show. He blew all the money he earned on alcohol and keeping up appearances.

In an media interview this week, Parrot said the earned a name but his pockets remained dry as so did his life.

Parrot is responsible for a number of hits from way back like 'Maama Wa Baana','Ndeka Nenywamu',' Muliro Muliro' and 'Abayaaye' among others.

He, however, lives like a peasant today. Asked whether he has considered joining politics as many musicians have, he said he is not interested.

Parrot confirmed he will support Bobi Wine, his former boss.

Parrot was among the pioneers of Fire Base along with Bobi Wine, Sizza Man, Buchaman, Tool Man, the and the late Weather Man. Majority of those who quit are still struggling to revive their careers.