I Forgave Bebe Cool — Weasel 

Posted: 2020-09-06T20:57:21Z
I Forgave Bebe Cool — Weasel 

Musician Weasel confirmed he buried his hatchet with Bebe Cool. Speaking during an interview with NBS TV on the popular show, Uncut, the Goodlyfe singer said he is not one to keep grudges. 

He said he cannot avoid clashing with people but he keeps his heart free from such issues.

Weasel and his deceased music partner, Radio often dissed Bebe Cool through music and media interviews.

The beef dates back to days when the Goodlyfe boys released a song praising Bebe Cool’s wife, Zuena.

Bebe found it insulting and what’s worse, there was word that Radio had romantic feelings towards Zuena. That and more fueled the beef.

Weasel says all is in the past. 

He has since reconciled with his music rivals, including former manager Jeff Kiwanuka.