Ugandan Musicians are Selfish - Omulangira Ssuna

Posted: 2020-09-01T21:02:26Z
Ugandan Musicians are Selfish - Omulangira Ssuna

Faded musician Omulangira Ssuna  described Ugandan artistes as selfish while appearing for an interview on local television.

Omulangira Ssunna castigated musicians for failing to join his cause of forcing the  government to ease restrictions on music concerts and events.

He claimed they have given him a deaf ear despite his constant calls.

"Most Ugandan musicians are selfish. Business owners joined hands and forced government to open arcades but musicians are keeping quiet,  waiting  for brown envelopes. They are not thinking about other people who depend on them like DJs, event organisers, bouncers among others," he said.

Omulangira Ssuna had organized a concert on 30th August but it was postponed due to continued lockdown.