Bebe Cool Refused  Us To Fundraise For Short Cut - Gagamel's Denzo

Posted: 2020-08-20T20:29:09Z Read: 2,660 times
Bebe Cool Refused  Us To Fundraise For Short Cut - Gagamel's Denzo

Gagamel singer Allan Massengere alias Shortkut died on Wednesday after spending the last 40 days bedridden at Nsambya Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit with an unknown disease. 

He had been rushed to the hospital after he fainted at his house.

Insiders reveal that after losing his wife and kid, he became traumatized. 

In interview, his friend Denzo blamed Shortcut's quick death on Bebe Cool who refused them to fundraise for the deceased. He claimed this reduced his time on this planet earth after failing to get good medical care.

Talking about the deceased, he said, " He has left me at a very bad time but what hurts me most is that when he needed support from the public, Bebe Cool stopped us from reaching out to the media for help."

However, his statements were met with mixed reactions from public.

Many attacked him for trying to be relevant when he should be mourning his friend.

Bebe Cool was footing all the bills, there was no need to disturb the public.

Shortkut has not been a very popular musician but he has been with Bebe Cool for a very long time. He released less known songs like Juliana, Tukaga among others under Gagamel.