GNL Zamba  Awards  Winner of GnlDearHiphop Challenge with $300

Posted: 2020-07-21T18:38:57Z Read: 1,367 times
GNL Zamba  Awards  Winner of GnlDearHiphop Challenge with $300

GNL  Zamba, the CEO of Baboon Forest entertainment awarded the winner of #Gnldearhiphop challenge,young rapper Kadabrah with $300 approximately1M on Tuesday.

"Today on behalf of Baboon Forest entertainment, we officially reward the overall winner of the Gnldearhiphop challenge with a cheque of $300. Congratulations, we hope that this encourages you to build your dream," Sophie, one of the Baboon forest representative said.

The challenge was aimed at empowering communities through art and making Hip-hop one of biggest genres in the  country.

"We wanted to uplift our communities through arts especially Hiphop. The competitors used  five elements of Hiphop that included; Rap, break dancing, deejaying,and art in form of painting, graffiti and knowledge sharing," one of the stakeholders in Baboon Forest said.

The campaign received a number of talented participants and they were all commended for taking part in the challenge.

The winner was picked  basing on the number of likes, comments and average percentage ratings of the challenge.

The management will be announcing another challenge soon that will see the winner walk away with $1000.