It was time for Sophie Gombya To Resign - Ykee Benda 

Posted: 2020-07-02T20:55:47Z Read: 1,941 times
It was time for Sophie Gombya To Resign - Ykee Benda 

Faded musician Sophie Gombya tendered in her resignation letter from the position of the President of Uganda musicians Association(UMA). She is set to stop her duties on 31st of this month.

In the letter, Sophie stated that she is eyeing an active political office as a councillor in KCCA.

Ykee Benda, who has been her deputy is expected to take over the leadership of the association.

Talking about Sophie's resignation, Ykee said  she stopped releasing music so many years ago, it is important to be led by active musicians who understand the dynamics of the industry.
He thanked Gombya for offering the best leadership ever since she was elected. 

"I thank Sophie for her good leadership. She led the association at the time when the industry was divided. It is the right time for her to resign because she is nolonger an active musician like many of us," Ykee said in an interview with BBS TV.