We Replaced Goodlyfe - Voltage music's Kent and Flosso 

Posted: 2020-06-29T21:15:50Z
We Replaced Goodlyfe - Voltage music's Kent and Flosso 

Music duo Kent and Flosso claim that the group perfectly filled the shoes of Goodlyfe crew which is no longer vibrant due to the death of Mowzey Radio in 2017. Weasel hasn't had any hit song in a long time.

The two say they have what it takes to replace Radio and Weasel in the music industry.

They believe Radio's talent is unmatched but with hardwork,  they will be a perfect replica of Goodlyfe crew.

"We are great singers, we also replaced Radio and Weasel in this industry," one of them said during an interview.

The Goodlyfe crew started in 2007 and they released countless music which appears new to our ears every other day.

They opened a way for urban musicians such as Eddy Kenzo,  Big eye, and Aziz azion who couldn't penetrate the market due to three big musicians, Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Chameleone.