Weasel In Jail Scare After Vandalizing Studio Equipment

Posted: 2020-06-18T20:21:13Z
Weasel In Jail Scare After Vandalizing Studio Equipment

Musician Weasel Manizo has had average songs ever since his singing partner, Mowzey Radio died. It turns out, he uses most of his time to train as a fighter than spending time in studio to produce hit songs.

Over the weekend, he thumped an upcoming Producer Genius Goody, 23, whom he accuses of failing to release his music.

He also destroyed studio equipment for Jam Records where Genius Goody works.

"He attacked me and I ran to the toilet to save my life. With his boys, Weasel spoilt all Studio materials including the sound cards and speakers," the producer said during an interview on a local television.

In a video clip circulating on social media,  Genius Goody has vowed to throw the singer to jail if he doesn't pay for the damages.

The Producer is said to be behind Weasel's  latest songs like 'Tubikole', 'Kidanzi' and 'Guwoma'.

All this saga happened a day after Weasel's birthday party.