Ugandans Should Boycott Rick Ross' Concert - Chameleone

Posted: 2020-06-10T21:30:16Z Read: 3,398 times
Ugandans Should Boycott Rick Ross' Concert - Chameleone

Leone Island boss Jose Chameleone has called upon Ugandans not to show face at Rick Rossi's concert set to happen shortly after lockdown in Kampala.

Chameleone said many foreign musicians take a lot of money from Uganda; they never invest again in the country.

He also attacked promoters who bring foreign musicians to perform in the country saying they have endlessly failed the Ugandan music industry.

He said Talent Africa boss Alybhai who's behind Rick Rossi's concert has made billions from the industry but it's ashame to see him supporting foreign musicians at the expense of Ugandans.

"All lovers of Ugandan music should boycott foreign musicians because they add nothing to our economy. They only take money from Ugandans and never bring it back," he said on BBS TV.

Rick Rossi is award winning singer and Producer in the United States of America.