Hipipo Awards Don't Matter - Spice Diana

Posted: 2020-06-04T09:01:13Z Read: 2,201 times
Hipipo Awards Don't Matter - Spice Diana

Musician Spice Diana worked very hard last year and staged a successful concert in January this year at Freedom city.

Many of her fans felt she deserved to win most of the Awards in the music industry as the  best female musician of year 2019.

On 29 May, HiPipo Music Awards announced the winners of Awards in an online event and Spice Diana never won anything. 

When she was asked how she felt about the Awards, she said she is not concerned about the Hipipo Awards because they nolonger matter in the industry.

Her focus is on her fans who support her music. She said she is concentrating on releasing more quality music to prove her haters that she is here to stay.

"I didn't win anything as many people say but those awards don't matter according to me. I am concerned about releasing good music for my fans who have been supporting unconditionally," she said during a local television interview.

Sheebah won the accolade of the best female musician of the year.