Winnie Nwagi Bashed for  Sharing Video in Night Wear

Posted: 2020-05-18T08:34:51Z Read: 5,657 times
Winnie Nwagi Bashed for  Sharing Video in Night Wear

Musician Winnie Nwagi likes to do whatever she likes, but sometimes the things she does attract a lot of criticism.

In one of her Instagram posts, Nwagi shared a video dancing in a short seductive night wear.

She was dancing around a chair, strip teasing viewers like the ladies of the night. For a moment, you would think she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Her flirty dance moves didn’t go down well with her fans.

One fan wondered why a mother would behave the way she does, “You are a mother. Why do you embarrass your child? I think you’re failure to complete school is affecting you.”

A one Nansubuga said, “I am your fan but you need to do things that fit your age.”

Another one said she was behaving like a prostitute.

Nwagi replied many of them with the same energy, asking most of the people to  unfollow her if they’re offended by her posts.